Frequently Asked Questions
» What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout depends on your membership level. Payouts can range from no minimum to $10.

» How long does it take to get paid and can I speed up the process?

The proscessing period is 10 business days after a request has been made. You cannot speed up this process. If you open a support ticket asking or demanding to be paid during the processing period, your account will be suspended. Multiple instances will lead to termination. So, don't even ask!

» My payment was cancelled and the funds were returned to my account. Why?

You either requested a payout before reaching the minimum set by you membership level, you requested a payout to the wrong payment processor, entered your informatiom wrong and the payment could not be completed or you have not yet made a deposit.

» Can I make deposits using different payment processors?

Yes! We currently accept Payza, SolidTrustPay and many Cryptocurrencies.

» Can I withdraw to different payment processors?

No! You can only withdraw to the payment processor you used to make your first deposit. So, make sure to make your first deposit using the processor you want your money deposited to. Also, make sure the payment processor is available to use in your country. We are not responsible if it is not and your funds may be lost.

» How many direct referrals can I have?

That depends on your membership level. The higher the level, the more direct referrals you are allowed to have.

» How many rented referrals can I have?

That also depends on your membership level.

» Do I have to click ads in order to earn from my referrals the next day?

Absolutely! You must click on at least 4 ads the day before.

» Do I have to upgrade in order to get paid?

Not at all! You may stay at he standard membership for as long as you like. Your earnings will be slower and your minimum payment will be higher but you never have to upgrade.

There is one exception. Members from Vietnam must have made a deposit and be upgraded to receive payment